Some examples of Data Centre designs in which we have been involved:

Floor Plan - Mainframe Data Centre - Manufacturing

Floor Plan - Mainframe Data Centre - Telecommunications

Floor Plan - Minicomputer Data Centre - Electronic Gaming

Help Desk VLT install

Help Desk floor and carpet install

Mainframe and Server Data Centre - Electronic Gaming

Floor Plan

Console Room demolition

Completed Console Room

Server Data Centre construction

Completed Data Centre

Server Data Centre - Banking

Primary Site

Floor Plan

Demolition 1

Demolition 2

Drywall delivery

CRAC unit delivery

CFD Model as built -incorrect Design, too little cooling

CFD Model - corrected design, additional air flow, racks reorganized

Server Room - Banking

Backup Site

Floor Plan

Building construction

Dropped slab sloped for floor drains and raised floor

Novec piping rough-in

Raised Floor installation

Drop slab with raised floor meets building floor

Console Room wall installation

Geothermal Heat Pump delivery, Electrical Room wall construction

CFD Model with heat pumps only - proof positive that Heat Pumps alone will not cool the room

CFD Model - our design for total capacity

Server Data Centre - Software Development and Support


Floor Plan

CFD Model


Floor Plan

CFD Model

Server Data Centre - Oil and Gas

Floor Plan

CFD Model

Demolition 1

Demolition 2

Perimeter drywall installed, comfort air and sprinkler removal

Interior wall installation

Drywall completion - slab to slab

Glycol/water loop sanity check

The pipe fitters and the welder create a work of art

Patio deck removal

The cooling loops take shape

Fan Farm roof sleeper construction

UPS installation in Electrical Room

Fluid Cooler delivery

Fluid Cooler crane lift

Fluid Cooler Fan Farm complete

Cooling loops and floor completion

CRAC unit crane lift

Rack delivery

Network installation

Cooling system commissioning

Cooling loops under the floor

Static Pressure measurement during commissioning

Completed Lobby, Stairs and Hydraulic Equipment Lift (right)

Cooling Loop building exit, insulation and control valves

Running on Energy Saver cooling - no compressors run below 10 degrees C.

Server Data Centre - Banking

Floor Plan

Computer Room

UPS Room

Electrical Install

High flow GrateAire perf tiles for combination Blade/Rackmount server racks

Data Aire Free Cooling System Fluid Coolers

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January 2016 - We sell Cummins generators, transfer switches and associated emergency power generation gear. Call us to tailor a generator specifically for your site.

November 2014 - Monitor your entire Data Centre - from servers, switches and other network gear to CRAC units, generators, UPSs, batteries, water consumption and more - with our in-house developed turnkey monitoring systems. Other DCIM system Vendors won't even look at you unless your contract will yield them sales of $30,000 or more. They charge for every point, sometimes monthly and they charge for annual licenses. Our solution is preconfigured before it arrives at your site and can be up and running for under $10,000. Add your devices and the metrics you wish monitored and you're done. Data is gathered every 5 minutes and data is stored for 2 years. Contact us today for a demonstration of our system capabilities.

April 2012 - DCDI now offers quality rack and raised floor air flow management panels from Plenaform. Plenaform and Plenafill panels provide a scalable and cost effective method of installing blanking panels in your racks or for managing air flow under the floor.

November 2011 - DCDI has successfully designed, tested and implemented a facility-wide Monitoring System in client Data Centres. Facility power, IT critical power, emergency power generation, UPS systems, air conditioning systems, glycol cooling loops, room temperatures, CRAC units and water detection are being monitored for 400+ operational metrics.

November 2010 - DCDI has recently completed work on an in-house monitoring system. Ask us how you can monitor most Data Centre support gear simply and easily. Forget Vendor systems that only monitor their gear. We can help you gather facility data to one location without using Vendor proprietary hardware or software.

June 1, 2010 - DCDI now offers Raritan products for the Data Centre. KVM, in-rack power solutions and DC asset management software, dcTrack.

April 09, 2009 - DCDI is now offering quality cable tray solutions from Snake Tray. See how choosing Snake Tray can cut your installation time by up to 60%.

January 23, 2009 - DCDI is now offering quality racking solutions from SharkRack.

December 20/08 - DCDI now offers Powerware power products from Eaton. Contact us for your rack power needs.

December 15/08 - DCDI can supply stock and custom cables from Lex Tec in almost any configuration. Contact us for 1 or 1000 cables to suit your needs. Drop shipping available.

December 10/08 - DCDI now offers quality network products from D-Link, Panduit, Belden and others. Contact us for reliable network cabling solutions.

December 1/08 - DCDI now offers quality power products from Geist. Contact us for your Data Centre rack power needs.

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